What Consists A Weight Gainer Shake?

While for most people losing weight has become a very common thing. There also exist some who want more calorie for consumption. These people who are very lean or are underweight. They try to consume products which are full of protein and calorie to gain weight. It is important for these people to gain weight because their situation raises a lot many chances of chronic diseases. Their body have enough energy to fight back any diseases. That is why they have to exercise a lot and take low fat, nutrient rich food. Also, homemade weight gainer shakes can also be prepared which are healthy for sure and these shakes are the best to gain weight. There are certain rich ingredients that they consist of. You can get an idea about what does these weight gainer shakes contain.


  • Coconut Milk And Oil

Coconut milk is one ingredient that is widely used in these shakes. It has a great nutritional value and helps gain a lot of weight. Coconut oil is a very calorie dense ingredient which is made up of fats. It is healthy because it helps in adding good cholesterol to the body and removes the bad one. It also tastes amazing with shakes.

  • Raw Eggs

Eggs are the best protein providing food. Consumption of eggs has also become common. Eggs have a lot of calorie for those wanting to gain weight. Eggs are a great source of protein and are good in shakes. You can put raw eggs to your shakes to make it delicious and even healthier than ever.

  • Avocado

Avocados also consist of healthy unsaturated fats. These also have a calorie dense composition. In shakes, these are really good because they can give it a smooth and creamy texture. The flavourful taste of avocado easily blends in any shake you prepare.

  • Yogurt and Milk

Yogurt is yet another protein-rich and healthy milk product used in shakes. Both milk and yogurt are full-fat dairy products. They are very rich in fat too. So, for weight gainers what best can be there. Raw milk is better if you find otherwise whole milk is not bad. Yogurt and Milk are prominent ingredients in shakes and gives it a smooth texture and taste.


  • Dried Fruits

Dried fruits have more calorie. You might prefer fresh fruits but try adding dried fruits to the shake. It makes it healthier. They have high natural fruit sugars. Make sure you take the dried fruits which have no added sugars. Natural sugar works well.

  • Seeds and Nuts

Nuts are healthy because the fats found in them are nutritious and high in calorie. You can put whole nuts in the shake and blend them together. You can also use nut butter like peanut butter and cashew butter which are also extracted from these nuts. Seeds are also very healthy like you can try using flax seeds and chia seeds. These provide extra nutrients without adding much flavor to the shake. Some seeds need to be ground before putting into shakes.

 These were some of the ingredients of shakes for weight gain. Try using these shakes and see your weight soaring. Health is really important and shakes are always this healthy.

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